Three Uses For TPE Gloves At A Hotel

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) disposable gloves are an effective accessory to wear with the purpose of preventing the exchange of bacteria. While various types of disposable gloves are popular within the healthcare community, they are also useful for people to wear in all sorts of other jobs. If you have a management position at a local hotel and are responsible for ordering accessories for your staff to use, TPE gloves should be a product to consider. Your staff can use these gloves in a surprisingly high number of applications, including the following.


Your hotel's housekeeping staff are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness of guest rooms and common areas throughout the building, and will often come into contact with substances that they do not want to touch. Wearing TPE gloves will protect the hands of your housekeeping staff members to reduce the risk of illnesses and infections. For example, when a housekeeper is cleaning a guest room's toilet, a lot of bacteria will be present. With these gloves on, the housekeeper won't have to worry about the bacteria making contact with their skin.


Your hotel's maintenance staff can also find numerous reasons to wear TPE disposable gloves as they complete their duties. Maintenance staff members handle all sorts of upkeep work, and gloves can often be an asset. For example, if an employee is painting a door to give it a fresh appearance, they may wish to wear gloves. The gloves will protect their hands from getting splattered in paint, which can be time-consuming to remove. Similarly, if they need to deal with things such as emptying pest traps in one or more areas throughout the hotel, the maintenance staff members can wear gloves to avoid exposure to germs.


It can also make sense to have your kitchen staff wear TPE gloves when they prepare food for your guests to eat. Protective gloves are common in many commercial kitchens, as they prevent any bacteria that are on a food service worker's hands from transferring to pieces of food. Your kitchen staff team can wear these gloves both when they're working out of sight of your hotel guests and when they're visible — for example, when preparing made-to-order dishes at the breakfast buffet. Order a quantity of these disposable gloves, making sure to choose gloves in various sizes to accommodate your different staff members' hands, at a TPE glove supplier.

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