Homemade Solutions For Your Glasses And Contacts

If you wear contacts, then you know contact solution is a must. If a 10 oz. bottle costs about $10 and lasts two months, that's $60 a year in contact solution. Likewise, glass wearers are constantly in need of an eyeglass cleaner to clean those smudges and fingerprints off their lenses. That cleaner averages $2.50 per 2 oz., representing a similar cost-over-time to contact solution.  Both are necessary to extend the life of your contacts or glasses, but for those looking to save a little, there are many solutions you can whip up right at home, and many have the added benefit of being all natural:

Can An Appointment With Your Ophthalmologist Prevent Your Vision Loss?

If you are concerned about the rampant vision loss that is still too common in Canada and throughout the world, you will be pleased to learn that you may be able to protect your vision with as little as one appointment every few years with your ophthalmologist. Young adults in good health with no extra risk factors or vision problems may only need this appointment at a place like Blink Eyewear every ten years.

Accessible Kitchen Design Tips

Creating a kitchen that is wheelchair-accessible requires a great attention to detail. The more attention you pay to the design of your kitchen the more convenient cooking in your kitchen will be. Here are a few design ideas to consider when designing your accessible kitchen space. Cabinet Pocket Doors As you know, your wheelchair can make it difficult to access the countertop in a traditional kitchen space. The wheels on the chair prevent you from getting flush with the counter.