Three Ways To Lend A Hand To A Family Member Going Through Physiotherapy

When you have a family member recovering from an injury or surgery, it's common that the person will visit a physiotherapist for regular sessions over the course of several weeks. While dedication to physiotherapy can drastically reduce the patient's recovery time, some people feel that they aren't progressing as quickly as they'd like and, as a result, become frustrated. While some cheerful, positive words from you can help boost the person's mood, there are other ways that you can lend a hand to help out during the recovery phase. Here are three ideas that can show your support.

Play The Role Of Driver

Something as simple as offering to drive your family member to and from his or her physiotherapy appointments can provide some much-needed encouragement. If the person has been battling traffic once or twice a week to drive from home or work to the physiotherapy clinic, this routine might begin to be dull. You getting behind the wheel can spark new life into the routine and provide some new stimulation for the person. Additionally, if the physio clinic is located in a hospital or another location with pay parking, you can drop the person off at the appointment to help him or her save money.

Learn About The Exercises

Many physiotherapy clinics allow family members to sit in on the sessions, especially when the patient is being assigned a series of exercises to perform at home. Some physio patients struggle with home exercises because they don't have the friendly encouragement of the physiotherapist during the process. Ask if you can attend an appointment to learn about the exercises, and then visit the family member during a workout at home to provide not only some encouragement, but also any necessary reminders about the right technique to employ.

Look After Family Members And Household Duties

Depending on the age and family situation of the physiotherapy patient, attending regular appointments might be taking away from family and household obligations. If you're in a position to do so, volunteer to help with the person's family. For an elderly patient, spending time with the spouse during the appointments can be appreciated by both parties. For someone with children, taking the children to any appointments or after-school events is helpful. Depending on where your abilities lie, lending a hand with cooking, cleaning and even yard maintenance can help the physiotherapy patient know that everything at home is under control.

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