Active Adult Communities: Accommodations For Those Who Prefer Social Activities

An active adult community is designed for mature individuals to live in. This type of community may feature a clubhouse, a pool, and a schedule of events that community members can take advantage of.

An Active Adult Community

An active adult community provides its residents with comfortable accommodations and the opportunity to participate in solo and group activities. This type of community may require that at least one occupant of a household meets the minimum age that is outlined in the community guidelines.

An active adult community may serve as the community where a resident will live for the rest of their life. Although there are many fun activities that are designed to keep residents fit and healthy, there are also some low-key activities offered that are designed for older residents with limited mobility.

The residents of an active adult community will always be able to connect with like-minded people who have similar interests. 


Active adult communities may feature rental units or owner-occupied units. Housing styles that are featured in an active adult community may include apartments, mobile homes, single-dwelling homes, and multi-family units.

Before moving to an adult community, it is a good idea to tour the properties available and meet with the manager of the community. The manager will provide insight into the community amenities that residents can take advantage of. They may also offer a fully guided tour of the community. 

Features For Aging in Place

People who are fit and healthy often move to an active adult community. They may, however, be concerned about what the future holds for them. Many active adult communities feature living quarters that are designed for aging in place.

The architectural style of a home may feature wide hallways, ramps, a minimal number of steps, and other style elements that are designed for aging in place.


Each active adult community that is of interest to someone may require that an application is filled out. Before an applicant is approved to move to a community, they may need to undergo an interview. The interview process will determine if an applicant is a good fit for the community.


Active adult communities often follow schedules. Schedules may be posted in community clubhouses and other buildings that are designed for community residents to use.


A community may require that each resident pays annual dues. The amount that a resident will be responsible for paying will be listed in the resident handbook that a community member receives when they move to a community.

Visit a local adult living community to learn more.