Why Formal Treatment Is So Important For Those With Alcohol Addiction

If you have a family member who struggles with alcoholism, you may wonder whether they can just "white knuckle it" and seek to become sober at home. Why shouldn't they turn to self-help books and other at-home measures to recover, rather than spending thousands on rehab? The thing is, while a few people do succeed at getting sober on their own, most do not. There are a few reasons why formal treatment at an addiction treatment facility is so important for those with alcoholism.

Alcoholism is often just a symptom.

While alcoholism may seem like it's the root of your loved one's problems, this is not usually the case. Alcoholism is often a symptom of an underlying mental health condition. It can develop as a person's way of dealing with depression, anxiety, or even PTSD. These are all serious conditions that need to be diagnosed and treated under the guidance of professionals. If they are not treated, then the alcoholism is likely to persist.

People who attempt to "white knuckle it" at home are generally not focusing on the underlying problem, which makes their efforts ineffective in the long term. Drug and alcohol addiction programs are generally focused on identifying and treating these underlying problems, which is one reason why they're so effective in treating alcoholism. 

Alcoholics often need to get out of the environment that's fueling their addiction.

When your loved one goes to an alcohol addiction treatment centre, they are stepping out of the home and setting where they are used to using alcohol and spending time somewhere else. This change in setting can make it a lot easier for them to change their habits. They won't have the same reminders—the presence of their certain fridge or a favourite liquor store down the street—to tempt them. Once they've been sober for a while, they can return home and have more self-control around these triggers.

Withdrawing from alcohol can be dangerous.

Alcohol addiction is sometimes seen as less serious than addiction to other drugs, but this is not really the case. In fact, alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to withdraw from. Patients have died when withdrawing from alcohol at their own homes. It is much safer to do this at an addiction treatment centre where there are doctors and nurses present to provide proper care.

If you have someone in your life who is struggling with alcoholism, an addiction recovery centre is the safest and most effective place for them to get sober.

For more information, reach out to a centre for addiction treatment, such as Awakenings Health and Wellness Centre.