Athlete Tips: Help Your Child Recover From An Ankle Injury Naturally

There is nothing wrong with sports, but most sports activities are very physical. This could be the reason why approximately 1.35 million youths have a sports-related injury every year. So your child shouldn't feel embarrassed about his or her ankle injury. This natural guide will help your child recuperate.

‚ÄčNatural Pain Management

Consider some of the following:


You can use a little lavender oil and an oil burner for your child's room. This should help your child's body manage his or her pain a little better, according to a study. You should know that lavender oil also helped promote relaxation and sleep. It might be a good idea to light up your oil burner before your child has to go to sleep. And, as your physiotherapist has probably told you, sleep is essential for your child's rehabilitation.


Another great thing to have around your home while your child is recovering is chocolate. But, you do need to have raw or dark chocolate to receive the full effect. This is because dark or raw chocolate contains more anandamide, which is an active ingredient that helps control pain.

Talk to your physiotherapist about other natural ways to suppress any pain your child may be having on his or her ankle.

Natural Recovery Boosters

Consider some of the following:


Eating pineapples might help reduce inflammation, which is a huge part of the recovery process. Studies also show that bromelain--the active ingredient in pineapple--helps the body absorb medication, vitamins, and minerals. This is definitely something that you want your child eating as he or she recovers.


You should make sure you increase your child's intake of protein. This is an ingredient in several types of foods that help increase recovery. Proteins are important to help your body produce collagen. Collagen helps increase and repair all kinds of tissues, like muscles and tendons, which may be needed to repair your child's ankle injury.

You can get these proteins from some of the following foods:

  • Meats, especially organ meats and bone (try bone broths)
  • Cheese, especially aged cheeses
  • Bean and lentils
  • Soy products, like tempeh or tofu

There are a lot of other vitamins and minerals that could be helpful during your child's recovery, which your physiotherapist can help you with. But, as you can see, there is definitely more you can do to ensure that your child returns to health in no time. Contact a company, such as Citadel Physiotherapy, for additional help.