Lip Fillers Are More Beneficial Than You Might Think

Do you look in the mirror and wish that your lips looked fuller? Maybe you've considered getting lip fillers, but you've told yourself to do so would be too expensive or too painful. If you want fuller lips, they're an option you should look into more seriously. Lip fillers are more beneficial than people often assume. Here are a few good reasons to consider lip fillers more seriously.

Lip fillers are not painful.

The idea of getting an injection in your lips might make you cringe a little, especially if you're not fond of needles. You might picture someone giving you the equivalent of a flu shot in your lip. But lip filler injections are not nearly as painful as you might think. For one, the injections are made with a much smaller needle than those used for vaccines and shots. Also, most practitioners apply a numbing gel to your lip before they start injecting the filler. So, you might feel a tiny pinch or a little prick when the needle enters your skin, but nothing more than that. If you can pluck your eyebrows, you can tolerate lip injections. (The injections might actually hurt less!)

Lip fillers can give results that are subtle or dramatic.

Perhaps you've seen some actors with obvious lip injections and figured you shouldn't get fillers because you don't want such dramatic results. But here's the thing: plenty of other people have lip filler, and nobody knows it because their results are so subtle that they look natural. A cosmetic doctor can use more or less filler, depending on the results you want. There are some fillers known to yield more subtle results and others known for their drama. All in all, you'll tell your doctor how you want your lips to look, and they'll select a filler and a dose to create that look for you.

The results of lip fillers last a while.

Yes, lip fillers cost more than topical lip plumbing treatments. However, the results last quite a while. Some last only a few months. Others last longer. So, while you might pay a few hundred dollars for injections, if you divide this cost by the number of months the injections last, the per-month cost should not be too high. 

If you want fuller lips, look into lip filler injections as an option. For more information, contact a local company, like Durham Manor.